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"PAO" Top King Super is a very useful product valued by Muay Thai, kickboxing and MMA trainers from around the world. The shields are used to improve foot and manual techniques and are great for high high -intensity training. They are profiled in such a way as to give your hands a certain, strong handle. Thanks to the ergonomic structure, we can set the discs at different angles and make kicks at various height and hit with a fist, elbow or knee. They are made of high quality leather and perfectly suppress the strength of the impact, thus ensuring safety and comfort to the user. Coaching paws are a tool useful to every kickboxing and Muay Thai instructor. The TOP King brand belongs to the group of leading manufacturers of combat sports equipment in the world.

Gender: UNISEX

tarcze treningowe kickboxing super top king

  • Material: 100% Natural leather
  • Multilayer foam system: for good absorption of shocks and optimal cushioning.

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